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January 18, 2011

ADMIXTURE vs. MDS, visualization is just visualization

Filed under: Admixture,Dodecad,Genetics,Genomics,MDS — Razib Khan @ 1:06 pm

Dienekes did another run of his data with K = 64. He posted a huge plot with the two largest dimensions of variation. He also posted an accompanying spreadsheet with the coordinates of where the Dodecad samples were. So I found my own position pretty quickly. Before going to that, I thought I’d repost a comparison between myself, the HapMap Gujaratis, the North Kannadi sample, and the HGDP Uygurs. This is at K = 10 in ADMIXTURE from Dodecad.

OK, with that in mind, here’s the full MDS with the two largest components of genetic variation. I’ve added large labels. Also, click the image for a larger file so you can read the small labels.

One thing that jumps out at me is the tight clustering of very populous groups such as Europeans. The East Asians and Yoruba samples aren’t as representative of their macro-region, so that makes some sense. But the Dodecad Ancestry Project has a lot of West Eurasian groups, so the affinity there is still striking. I am basically a touch off the “North Kannadi” cluster, a little toward ...

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