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February 1, 2011

My family’s Neandertal genes, ii

Last week I reported that it turns out that one of my siblings carry a possible Neandertal haplotype on the dystrophin gene. To review, it seems likely that ~3% of the average non-African’s genome is derived from Neandertal populations. But by and large this ancestral quantum seems broadly dispersed through the genome of individuals, so that there isn’t a particular set of loci which are Neandertal, as such. As an analogy, about ~20-25% of the genome of an average black American is derived from Europe because of white American ancestry. But you can’t usually predict from that on which locus the “white” alleles will be found. The main exception to this will be loci where you might suspect selection will be operative, such as those implicated in malaria defense (some of them have negative consequences).

The dystrophin haplotype though has higher frequencies in some populations than expectation. ~9% in non-Africans as a whole, and higher in some groups. So there was a reasonable expectation that people might find that they carried it snooping through their genomes. Now that my parents (RF and RM) have come through, as well as sibling #2 (RS2), I can show you this:

SNPs rs1456740 rs6628685 rs331370 rs2854965 rs6653863 rs331369 rs331368 rs331367 rs331366 RF A A T G A A T T T RS1 A/G A/A C/T G/G A/G A/C T/T T/T G/T Razib G A C G (not typed) C T T G RM A/G A/A C/T G/G A/G A/C T/T T/T G/T RS2 A A (no ...

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