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February 3, 2011

Astrology == science in India

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A dumb comment below:

All those anti-religion posts are from westerners whose exposure is mostly to Judaism and Christianity. And to a lesser extent Islam. It is easy to dismiss the Bible (especially the Old Testament) and Koran as irrational bullcrap but not so easy to dismiss Buddhism or Advaita.

Made me think of this:

The Bombay High Court reaffirmed this on Thursday when it dismissed a PIL that had challenged astrology as science.

The PIL was filed by an NGO, Janhit Manch that had sought action against ‘fake’ astrologers, tantriks, practitioners of Vastu shastra etc.

“So far as prayer related to astrology is concerned, the Supreme Court has already considered the issue and ruled that astrology is science. The court had in 2004 also directed the universities to consider if astrology science can be added to the syllabus. The decision of the apex court is binding on this court,” observed the judges.

(via Ruchira)

Object of idol worship

Also, to be fair to the worshipers of the idol Yahweh, Buddhism and Advaita are not properly compared to Christianity or Islam, they’re properly compared to Thomism or the Islamic sciences. The primitive aspect of Hindu culture  from which emerge the charlatanism of the Godmen, or the almost mindless devotional strains of Pure Land Buddhism, give the Western cults a run for their money. Of course militant atheism is probably a reflection of the Abrahamic focus on a specific exclusive personality cult around the figure of Yahweh/God/Allah. But the need for the efforts of the Indian Rationalist Association are a testament to the fact that superstition can flourish even without the tending of the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob.

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