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January 19, 2010

Open thread on Scott Brown, etc.

Filed under: data,polls — David Hume @ 9:08 pm

In case people want to discuss his victory tonight. I don’t have any unique insights that you can’t find elsewhere, but a quick question. Looking at the pollster.com Coakley vs. Brown polls on the front page right now I get average of 51 for Brown and 44 for Coakley. The final looks like to be a 3 percentage points higher for Coakley and 1 point higher for Brown, so I think it worked out. Last fall I made fun of a rather stupid blogger at Wizbang for his skepticism of the polling (which turned out to be very close in regards to Obama vs. McCain). I haven’t followed political blogging too closely recently, so does anyone know of an equivalent from the Left this time around? They’re usually pretty amusing to read after the fact, though I grant that this race moved fast and the polling was volatile in comparison to last fall’s presidential campaign.


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