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February 5, 2011

In defense of barbaric superstitions

Filed under: Astrology,Culture,Primitive Beliefs — Razib Khan @ 10:08 am

In the comments below some people are defending the “scientific” bona fides of astrology. People are free to believe what they want to believe. I understand that the superstition of astrology has deep roots in South Asian civilization, and some people feel emotionally attached to its defense. Never mind such worries! The superstition of astrology has deep roots in the West and in China itself. In fact, in its rudiments it is likely found in all complex societies (e.g., the Maya are a New World case). So my criticism is a criticism of the primitive demon-haunted mentality. People see the stars, feel awe, as they should. Unfortunately they derive primitive inferences from them which an earth-bound ape would.

This is the last word on this issue. I am not tolerant of an “open minded” discussion of astrology as to whether it is a science or not in terms of its predictive power. I’m as interested in the validity of ‘bone pointing’.

(And yes, if you keep talking about astrology I will ban you. I’m not interested in incentive cognitive effluvium)

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