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February 5, 2011

Blasphemy Law: Mullahs fighting each other for political gains (3 Sunni Tehreek)

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Blasphemy Law: Mullahs fighting each other for political gains (3 Sunni Tehreek).

This is sort of related to the earlier post about neo-sufi cults…

Neo-Sufi cults…

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Zachary asked: “Neo-Sufi Islamic cults; isn’t Sufi Islam the antidote to “Islamism”.

The notion that sufi-ism is somehow the antidote to “bad Islam” is, in my opinion, false. Sufism is hard to define, but people who self-identify as sufis or followers of sufis can be anywhere on the spectrum from intoxicated mystic to full-blown fascist. I guess that in itself is what the elders of Zion consider a desirable feature; that there IS a lot of diversity possible under the sufi umbrella, but diversity means diversity. THere are all kinds of sufis, including some really hardline fascist types and many totally batshit crazy types.
e.g. you should look into the Ashfaq Ahmed-Qudratullah Shahab school of Pakistaniat someday. According to this group (a very influential group of people, especially in Punjab and particularly in Lahore), Pakistan was a project of “baba-s”, sufi masters who could see far into the future and knew what cosmic signficance lies beneath this apparently simple demand for a homeland for Indian Muslims.  These sufi masters were men of “shariat and tariqat” (the orthodox way as well as the inner path) and there are many stories about them and Pakistan (including the signficance of Pakistan’s creation in Ramadan 1947). Jinnah’s own whisky-drinking pork-eating ways are proof that in the world of the masters, appearances count for nothing. It is hinted that he was used for a higher purpose. In this sufi context, it is also possible to leave open the possibility that he may have been an exalted being who hid his higher qualities behind a mask of alcohol and cigar smoke. The flexibility and potency of this approach is obvious and makes it far superior to mere third-rate logicians like Maudoodi.
In this view, the cosmic significance of Pakistan is apparent from “facts” like the multiple dreams people had in 1965 where the holy prophet was walking back and forth in great agitation, worrying about Pakistan (it was the 1965 war) and praying day and night to Allah to save Pakistan as it was the keystone of the rennaissance of the Ummah and so on.  This whole scheme has now mutated into multiple Zaid-Hamid type avatars and these “sufis” are far more jingoistic than any deobandi or wahabi mullah in Pakistan…

February 4, 2011

How a teenager became a blasphemy suspect

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How a teenager became a blasphemy suspect.

I don’t know what to say.  If someone can possibly spread this to other more popular blogs, please do so..

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