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November 9, 2010

Fractional reserve banking: it’s a sin!

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479px-Rand_Paul_portrait_byThe junior Senator from Kentucky, Randal “Rand” Paul, is well known as an icon of the Tea Party movement, son of Ron Paul, and devotee of the “Aqua Buddha.” Paul has already stated that means tests on Medicare and Social Security should be on the table. Additionally, he tipped his hand that he was dissimulating during the campaign by adding that military expenditures should also be questioned. This latter position is heterodox on the “centrist” Right and Left because of the power of the military-industrial-complex and the reflexive Jacksonianism which seems to be ascendant on the Right, and the Wilsonianism which has co-opted the establishment Left. But it is totally in keeping with the “Old Right” libertarianism of his father, Ron Paul.

But I recently stumbled upon something much more shocking in regards to Rand Paul and his background: a whole previous career in the public spotlight in the 1980s! For video documentation, please see below the fold.

Image Credit: Gage Skidmore

February 8, 2010

Rand Paul

Filed under: Politics,Rand Paul — David Hume @ 5:21 am

A moderately sympathetic story about Rand Paul, who is running as the anti-establishment candidate in Kentucky. My bias, such that I have, is to look positively upon Paul’s run for Senate, mostly because I know that when I agree with a Paul they’ll actually stick to the stance they’re taking because they actually believe deeply in the position as a matter of principle. That being said, unlike Ron Paul his son has to cater to the needs of a whole state, so he’s trimming his sails appropriately in regards to his libertarianism. I don’t know if Rand Paul will be able to manage the trick of balancing the pragmatism needed to be a bearer of a major party nomination with the ideological purity of libertarianism. Last I checked Kentucky was one of those states which was on the socially conservative side, but fiscally moderate (like West Virginia). This might explain the persistence of high Democratic registration despite the state’s bias toward Republicans nationally; local politics is a matter of disbursement of monies, something Democrats have no philosophical issues with.

Note: Last week Sarah Palin endorsed Rand Paul. Of course, she also endorsed John McCain, who is not much of a libertarian as far as his Republicanism goes. Though I think the second endorsement was a matter of personal courtesy due to their shared history.


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