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April 13, 2011

Can a colored person be Western?

Filed under: Civilisation,Culture,Western — Razib Khan @ 7:05 pm

This is a disagreement I’ve had with some Europeans and colored people, and all white nationalists, on this issue. I identify as Western, which they think is simply not possible on racial grounds (Europeans are generally nice and patronizing about it, the colored people and white nationalists are nasty and sociopathic). I am prompted to moot this because of commenter “Dave’s” contention that Brazil is peripherally Western. This seems ridiculous on the face of it. The religion of the vast majority of Brazilians is Roman Catholic or Protestant Christianity. And the language of Brazil is clearly Western. Also, Brazil was a colony, but fundamentally it is settler society, unlike Portuguese Angola or Mozambique, where the foreign power ruled over native masses. Unlike Mexico or the Andean nations there isn’t a large indigenous identity counter-narrative. The Afro-Brazilian identity has only minimal organic connection to West Africa, and therefore doesn’t serve as a high culture challenge to the Luso-Brazilian identity.

Therefore I have to think that the peripheral identification of Brazil has to do with its racial character. About 75% of the ancestry of Brazilians overall is European. I know some workers in the Brazilian genomics community, and one could probably peg the colored ancestry of the typical “white Brazilian” in the 10% range, while 25% for “brown” and 50% for “black” Brazilians. There’s also a widespread Amerindian substrate across all racial classes in Brazil.

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