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May 5, 2011

Kashmir, why?

Filed under: Culture,Kashmir — Razib Khan @ 11:27 am

I think some of you immediately could tell I was consciously inviting a shit-storm with my Kashmir post. The reasons were two-fold: First, I was curious to smoke out assholes. Second: I wanted to double-check that Kashmir turns Indians into Zionists/anti-Zionist, but I wanted to get to the nuggets of real contention after the smoke cleared. I was correct and it worked. By Zionists/anti-Zionist, I mean that as someone not too concerned with the Middle East if I talk to a Zionist, whether Jew or gentile, or an anti-Zionist, they tend to flip out when confronting my general casual attitude and glib manner. The frustrating aspect is that Zionists/anti-Zionists immediately start making bizarre accusations and imputations, and some of that happened below, about my motives and positions. They have a hard time understanding that not everyone is invested in their little sand patch.

Why do I step into the land mine? Sometimes it is important to remember that not everyone has a laser-like focus on your parochial concerns. Zionists/anti-Zionists aren’t often confronted by this because those of us not too concerned generally avoid that issue with them lest they get bug-eyed.

The same tendency manifests with Pakistanis and Indians in regard to their geopolitical issues. That’s fine and natural among the retarded herd (different standards here Michelle for lexicon!), but it would be nice for non-retards to take a step back and be more dispassionate periodically (not always, we’re human). ShilpaS for example went in the direction that I was trying to prod: switching from making imputations as to my own argument (I barely had one, so she was constructing it from nearly random tendrils), to offering up concrete issues like water rights from which you can anchor and then expand on both the “thicker” and more abstract issues at hand.

P.S. I’ll keep banning you assholes who question my “secular” or “liberal” credentials. Mostly because I don’t actually accept that you get to use the Indian connotations of that term on my threads. Don’t be culturally hegemonic in terminology in someone else’s space! I’m an atheist, the Indian usage of the term “secular” is pretty alien and barbaric to me anyhow. But that’s because South Asians put so much concrete and communal stock in their primal superstitions.

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