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May 29, 2011

Fun with Google Correlate

Filed under: Google Correlate,Technology — Razib Khan @ 11:45 pm

A few people have pointed me to Google Correlate. Google says that this tool is like “Google Trends in reverse.” You know I love Google Trends, so of course I’m going to poke around Google Correlate. The tool shows you the strongest correlations by query over time, as well as concentrations and correlations of the query by state. So here’s the distribution for “Jesus”:

If you know something about the United States, I assume you aren’t surprised. But how about something like “Krishna?”

Does this make sense to you? What’s up with New Jersey? As a proportion it has by far the greatest number of Indian Americans. (the #1 correlate is “Radha,” which makes sense)

How about something more obscure? OK, “Ludwig von Mises”:

The Ludwig von Mises Institute is based out of Auburn, Alabama. They’re a radical libertarian outfit whose aim is to promote the thought of the Austrian economist Ludwig von Mises (whose more moderate student, F. A. Hayek, is much more famous today). It doesn’t seem like ...

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