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September 12, 2012

A genetic map of Italy

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Since the Ralph & Coop paper on IBD patterns across Europe I’ve been keen to see what gets uncovered about Italy. Recall, if you will, that in that paper the authors noted that Italy in particular of European nations exhibits a lot of deep population structure. Whereas the network of descent ties together many European nations and regions, in Italy there are deep regional differences which seem to go back to antiquity. Additionally, more recently Sardinia has come under focus as possibly particularly informative in the ethnogenesis of European peoples. Until recently I was moderately skeptical of the utility of Sardinian samples in the HGDP data set. After all, it was an isolated island, and perhaps subject to peculiarities of low effective population size. Well, it turns out that it may be that modern Sardinians are the best approximation we have today to Southern Europeans ~5,000 years ago.

A new paper in PLoS ONE has a huge sample of Italians, and applies standard techniques to ascertain population structure. An Overview of the Genetic Structure within the Italian Population from Genome-Wide Data:

In spite of the common belief of Europe as reasonably homogeneous at genetic level, advances in high-throughput ...

June 2, 2011

Brown in Roma

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Bowlers and Batsmen Signal a Demographic Shift in an Eternal Cit:

The Catholic aid organization Caritas said there were 74,000 Bangladeshis legally residing in Italy, 75,000 Sri Lankans and about 65,000 Pakistanis. But experts estimate there are about 65,000 to 70,000 South Asians living here illegally. Many men work as waiters or run shops.

Just a note, I went to Italy last spring. South Asians were a pretty striking presence all around. There are Sri Lankans and Bangladeshis all around the Colosseum selling things. Bangladeshis were thick on the ground in Bologna too. Not so much in Genoa though. There it was Africans. A positive aspect highlighted in the article is that the non-Italians who come to Italy come to work. The Italians are frankly rather rude and racist compared to Fenno-Scandinavians, but the stereotype of a person of “immigrant background” isn’t a shiftless parasite as it is in parts of northern Europe.

Addendum: The main exceptions are the Gypsies, who tend to avoid conventional labor force activities. So they run what are obviously professional begging troupes in Florence.

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