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June 13, 2011

No hangmen for criminal men

Filed under: Justice — Razib Khan @ 12:09 pm

With 1.2 Billion People, India Seeks a Good Hangman:

India has 1.2 billion people, among them bankers, gurus, rag pickers, billionaires, snake charmers, software engineers, lentil farmers, rickshaw drivers, Maoist rebels, Bollywood movie stars and Vedic scholars, to name a few. Humanity runneth over. Except in one profession: India is searching for a hangman.

Usually, India would not need one, given the rarity of executions. The last was in 2004. But in May, India’s president unexpectedly rejected a last-chance mercy petition from a convicted murderer in the Himalayan state of Assam. Prison officials, compelled to act, issued a call for a hangman.

Another India vs. China contrast. This time one that redounds to India’s benefit (for what it’s worth, I oppose the death penalty on pragmatic not principled grounds).

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