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June 16, 2011

Brown Pundits in SFGate

Filed under: Culture,SFGate — Razib Khan @ 11:49 pm

Jeff Yang wrote up an article for SFGate, the San Francisco Chronicle’s website, All brown everything. Here’s the section on Brown Pundits:

That’s been a recurring theme on Brown Pundits, a blog community cofounded by Berkeley-based Bangladeshi American Razib Khan, who writes the Gene Expression blog for Discover magazine, and Zachary Latif, a London-based finance professional of Pakistani and Iranian extraction. The two met as frequent commenters — and debate opponents — on Sepia Mutiny, the godfather of Desiblogs; they launched Brown Pundits last December as a place for “brown oddballs”: individuals of multiracial ancestry, alternative faith (Latif is Baha’i, Khan is an outspoken atheist) and uncategorizable politics (Latif claims “conservative instincts but liberal outlook,” while Khan calls himself a “heterodox” conservative in the vein of his patron, former California gubernatorial candidate Ron Unz, who has supported his writings and research with an Unz Foundation fellowship since 2007).

I’ve kind of been cagey where I’ve lived for a long time because of creepy stalkers. But I’m not going to live in Berkeley for much longer, so I don’t care if that gets “out.” Kind of weird that something that Zach & I kind of started on a lark makes a little splash in the media and grabs some mind share, but you never know unless you try. Jeff Yang and I don’t agree on politics, but he wrote up a fine piece in a short amount of time. Much respect.

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