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July 25, 2011

Another unsatisfied non-reader (Glenn Davey)

“Interesting” email from Glenn Davey objecting to the way in which I closed the thread on evolutionary psychology:

Why bother with a blog if you’re so bad with people?


I read PZ’s blog, amongst many others. I was going to add your blog to my feed reader. Then I realised you’re a fascist cunt.

I don’t have a blog, and neither should you.

“The End”

I’ll do the Christian thing and turn the other cheek, and wish his family business well. I wonder what Ian Davey thinks of this sort of behavior?

In more edifying news, Alon Keinan, an author on the X chromosome genetic diversity paper sent me a nice email in relation to my post. I take a lot of gratification from this sort of thing. Some of the research I cover is not so easy to wrap my own mind around, and I understand that my prose can be somewhat abstruse for the lay audience. But, I think this stuff is important and very fun. All that being said I make errors, and I also appreciate clarifications and corrections from the authors. I’ll be happy to update posts with any emails/comments which an author ...

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