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July 31, 2011

New Delhi “slut walk”

Filed under: Culture,Feminism,Globalism — Razib Khan @ 10:55 am

What SlutWalk Looks Like in New Delhi. I don’t want to minimize the problem of sexual assault in a general sense anywhere, but considering the specific issue of how rape in addressed and confronted in much of South Asia this seems to be a worthwhile campaign. More broadly there needs to be the emphasis that women (and men) are not simply components of a family or cultural unit, but individuals. Societies which reject the market liberal project, such as Bhutan or North Korea, or those which have the luxury of sidestepping genuine modernity due to resource wealth, such as Saudi Arabia, can coherently challenge and rebut the individualism inherent in modern economy geared toward personal consumption. Nations which are tending toward globalization, such as Turkey and India, can not avoid confronting the contradictions of their static “traditional” units of social organization with the flexibility necessitated by the fluid operation of the free market. The nature of the compromise may differ from nation to nation (e.g., Japan is not Sweden is not the United States). But the discussion needs to start at some point everywhere that globalism is the hegemonic meta-ideology.

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