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September 16, 2011

Not the great stagnation

Filed under: Genetics,Genome Sequencing,Genomics,Personal genomics,Sequencing — Razib Khan @ 12:13 am

Dan MacArthur points me to this story on the sequencing of the West family. You can read the full paper in PLoS Genetics. When the price point for a full genome comes down to $1,000 or so I plan on getting the code for everyone in my immediate family, just like I got everyone genotyped (the latter was cheaper, but a full genome is a much richer data set for intra-familial comparison).

I generated the chart from the figures quoted in the article about the cost of full genome sequencing. I’m moderately familiar with this trend, but it still boggles my mind that we’ve shifted two orders of magnitude in four years! Nice to know that in some domains progress continues.

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