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January 16, 2012

Moving Secularism Forward, March 2012

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Because of scheduling conflicts* I can’t make ScienceOnline2012 (I had planned to make it). But I thought I would put in an announcement here that in a month and a half I’ll be at the Moving Secularism Forward conference put on by the Center for Inquiry. I’m going to be on a political panel on Saturday afternoon, the 3rd of March. There are going to be representatives of the progressive, liberal, conservative, and libertarian, positions. I’ll be the conservative, and make a 20 minute presentation. There will be a Q & A. My time in the “spotlight” should be no more than a few hours.

My current plan is that I’ll be there Friday, Saturday, and Sunday morning. It’s in Orlando, Florida. I have no idea as to the overlap between the audience for that sort of conference and the readership of this weblog, but I assume that there is some intersection. I don’t really do the reader meetup thing anymore, but if you see me feel free to say hello. I won’t give you a weird look. My only current “social” plans are to meet up with Ron Bailey, who’s going to give the libertarian perspective on the panel, and whose work I’ve been a great admirer of for years.

* Where x = r, E(x) = 0.50, Var(x) = 0.0

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