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December 24, 2011

Either blasphemy laws or multiculturalism are moronic (probably both)

Filed under: Barbarism,Civilisation,Culture,Savagery — Razib Khan @ 10:02 am

As a matter of fact I think both blasphemy laws and multiculturalism are moronic. But together they make a dynamic moron duo which leads to nothing but social stagnation. One can’t easily characterize the “hurt feelings” of primitive morons, and when you have around 1 billion of them it’s impossible (the vast majority of Indians are in thrall to higher superstitions). India pessimists are having a good week. First they block the expansion of Walmart (favoring hundreds of thousands of petty traders over hundreds of millions of potential consumers), and now this idiotic plan to censor the internet due to the feelings of the nation’s most barbaric aspect (which by the way has been exported to England).

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