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March 28, 2010

Intelligent Design & idiocy

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idiotsguidIDI am consciously aware that the “Idiot’s Guide” series are not parodies. But when Josh Roseneau introduced me to The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Understanding Intelligent Design I simply assumed that this was a parody or gag-gift. This illustrates the lack of unity of cognitive process. On the one hand as I note above I was aware of the reality that this was a well-known brand of introductory books, but my prejudice against Creationists and Intelligent Design folk, and my perception that they’re stupid, led to me infer reflexively that this was an ironic parody. After all, it seemed mean to point out that those looking to understand Intelligent Design may be somewhat duller, on average, than those who would find the enterprise laughable.

For your information, here are the mean WORDSUM scores for various evolution related questions on the General Social Survey (WORDSUM is a vocabulary test, with scores from 0 to 10).

“Human beings developed from animals”

True = 6.36
False = 5.87

“View about origin & development of man”

God created = 6.02
Evolved, god guided = 6.36
Evolved = 6.71

“Humans evolved from animals”

Definitely true = 7.02
Probably true = 6.11
Probably not true = 5.59
Definitely not true = 5.84

“Human beings developed from an earlier species of animal”

Definitely true = 6.91
Probably true = 6.33
Probably not true = 6.14
Definitely not true = 5.92

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