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August 27, 2012

Back to the 70s?

Filed under: 1970s,Culture — Razib Khan @ 11:35 pm

Peter Turchin has basically implied that it’s 1970 again, and we’re in for a new age of disturbance. I’m rather skeptical…but, today a co-worker pointed out that I have “70s hair.” My sideburns, yes, but that’s just Gen-X irony or whatever. But she argued that there was a notable pre-1980 shagginess to my hair. Off to the barbershop! And yet…look at the mops that One Direction is sporting. When I last spoke about this group I wasn’t even aware that the group is already big in the United States! Am I old enough now that the styles of my pre-conscious age are now creeping back into fashion? Though I would still bet against polyester and plaid, perhaps David Frum’s unread book about the 1970s will start selling a few copies soon.

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