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September 5, 2012

Joseph Smith prophesied ASHG 2012

Filed under: ASGH 2012,Genetics — Razib Khan @ 11:19 pm

The ASHG 2012 website says that their abstract search feature will go online “on/after September 6, 2012.” It’s 13 minutes after on the west coast of the USA as I write this, so I guess after? So I decided to double-check the teasers where you can page through authors last name by last name. Under “A” there was this entry that intrigued me:

I Googled the author.  The first hit really surprised me, josephsmithdna.com. I guess I can connect the dots for the rest of the poster. Because of the Nephites, Jaredites, and all the other mythological peoples in the Book of Mormon I can see how Saints are motivated to tease apart the genealogy of Amerindian populations. I don’t think they’ll find what they’re looking for, but if it furthers science I can’t complain too much.



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