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April 2, 2010

Credibility of the Wikio science blogs rankings

Filed under: Blog,Wikio — Razib Khan @ 10:23 pm

Greg Laden posted the Wikio science blogs rankings for this month. Here they are:

1 Wired Science – Wired Blog
2 Watts Up With That?
3 Climate Progress
4 RealClimate
5 Bad Astronomy
6 Climate Audit
7 Next Generation Science
8 Respectful Insolence
9 Dispatches from the Culture Wars
10 The Frontal Cortex
11 Deltoid
12 FuturePundit
13 Gene Expression
14 Uncertain Principles
15 BPS Research Digest
16 Living the Scientific Life (Scientist, Interrupted)
17 A Blog Around The Clock
18 Greg Laden’s Blog
19 TierneyLab – New York Times blog
20 Stoat

First, where’s Pharyngula? Like him or hate him P. Z. Myers has to be high on this list. Where’s Cosmic Variance? Not Exactly Rocket Science? Perhaps some of these weblogs opted out of the rankings, I don’t know. But whatever is going on, something doesn’t pass the smell test here. For what it’s worth, my own weblog is ranked highly, but at the old URL, so I assume I’ll slowly start journeying south on the rankings as people start switching links.

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