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April 12, 2017

$150,000 only gets you so far….

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The above salary range seems accurate. I know newly minted PhDs in computer science may “only” get in the low $100,000 range at Google. So a salary in the mid six-figure range is totally reasonable with a few years of experience.
Recently a friend who is an engineer at Google in Mountain View got a transfer to Boulder, where they bought a house. He’d been trying to buy in Mountain View for a while…but that just wasn’t happening. Boulder isn’t cheap, with 178% the national average in cost of living. But it’s nothing compared to Mountain View, where the average housing cost is 7.5 times the national average.

What’s striking to me is the high variation in cost of living in American urban areas:

Overall cost of living
San Francisco 272
New York City 180
Seattle 177
Boston 170
Los Angeles 166
San Diego 166
Portland 140
Denver 128
Miami 123
Austin 117
Chicago 111
Minneapolis 109
Houston 102
Atlanta 102
Raleigh 102
Philadelphia 100
Phoenix 99
New Orleans 96
Dallas 95
Baltimore 90
Pittsburgh 88
Cincinnati 86
St. Louis 85
Des Moines 83
Memphis 74
Detroit 73

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