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March 31, 2018

The Ugly Delicious of food

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If you have Netflix I highly recommend Ugly Delicious.

I watched it over the past week, as opposed to binging, and that probably made it easier, because the visuals and display of gustatory prowess can be a bit much.

Many viewers will roll their eyes at the excessive seriousness and constant attempt to hook food into politics or culture. But that’s what makes it attractive and interesting to many people as television.

I’m probably biased though because a whole episode was devoted to shellfish (shrimp is my favorite food), and much time was given to Asian cuisines which I’m partial to, Chinese and Korean.

September 26, 2011

Terra Nova half-browns

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There’s a lot buzz on the internet for a new show called Terra Nova. Didn’t we already do this? It was called Earth 2 (Steven Spielberg also had an indirect role in that show). I’m not going to watch it. I don’t have a television, and my online television watching is very circumscribed. But I did note that the family at the center of the drama is what we would call “exotic” or “ethnic” in 1980s:

Alana Mansour, the youngest actress, probably has Middle Eastern ancestry. I don’t know. But the mother is played by Shelley Conn, an Anglo-Indian. More specifically a mix of Sri Lankan and British. And the middle child, Naomi Scott, has a ethnic Indian mother from Uganda. The father and son in contrast are fully European in appearance (and Irish and white Canadian were cast for these roles), but it is not uncommon in mixed-race families for such a variance in physical types to manifest across the set of children.

May 4, 2011

“I don’t have a T.V.” isn’t such a signal anymore….

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So I last had cable television in August of 2004. By the the summer of 2005 we’d phased out the television, period. I became the “well, I don’t have a television….” guy. This causes some issues. I am somewhat spotty in my pop culture awareness. And it’s getting worse and worse the further I am from my television days (though I think I’ve hit the point of diminishing returns in gains of pop culture ignorance over the past few years; there’s only so much crap you can forget!). When I was on vacation recently I naturally turned on the television to see what commercials I missed. There’s a lot of clever stuff out there! I was totally amazed by the Kia Soul Hamster commercial, and was thinking about blogging it, before being told that it was old news. I have a similar issue with video games, which I’ve avoided since adolescence because of the opportunity cost of playing. They’re starting to become so awesome that I have a hard time understanding what I’m seeing on the screen at the electronics store.

But things are changing. The rest of the world is slowly catching up, and I’m falling back toward them. ...

April 14, 2010

Discovery & TLC viewers lean Right?

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I’ve watched television shows via my computer since 2004, so I’m not too plugged in to the changes in channel line-ups. But some of the trends on this chart showing the political orientation of television viewers surprised me. In particular, that the History Channel, Discovery and TLC all lean Right in their viewers. But then again television viewing has a somewhat older skew I assume, and older people are more conservative today. Thoughts? It makes more sense now that TLC has Sarah Palin’s new show if they knew their viewer demographics well. CNBC’s slight Leftward tilt is surprising to me as well, but remember that a fair amount of the cultural Left is rather affluent (Barack Obama and Bill Bradley were both notable for initially fueling their insurgent campaigns thanks to big donations from investment bankers, Obama successfuly).


Source (H/T Steve)

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