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June 17, 2010

“What has bioinformatics done for us”

Filed under: Bioinformatics,Genomics — Razib Khan @ 2:24 pm

So asks Anthony Goldbloom:

A British bioinformatician asks what bioinformatics has ever done for us? Or put differently, what is the single greatest biological discovery made possible by bioinformatics? He is offering $USD100 to the person who puts forward the most compelling answer (the prize is small but the idea is to stoke discussion). Kaggle would also welcome a guest post by the winner about their chosen discovery.

Answers should be in the form of a short abstract (200 words or less) in the comments section of this blog post. It would be helpful if participants could categorize the bioinformatics method (microarray analysis, sequence analysis, protein structure analysis, phylogenetic analysis…) as well as the application in biology (drug discovery, disease prevention, taxonomy, protein-protein interactions…). It is also preferable for answers to include an open source reference.

The winner will be selected by a panel of judges based on the significance of the discovery. We encourage everybody to give feedback using the “like” voting buttons.

You can enter as many ideas as you like – just get them in by Friday July 30th. Please include an active email address so that we can get in contact if you win.

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