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October 31, 2010

Leigh Van Valen Obit in The New York Times

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If you haven’t, check out the Leigh Van Valen obituary in The New York Times. I hadn’t been aware of the breadth of his work, and the disciplinary range he showed over his career.

October 17, 2010

Leigh Van Valen, 1935-2010

Filed under: Evolution,Leigh Van Valen — Razib Khan @ 7:25 pm

John Hawks is reporting that Leigh Van Valen passed away this weekend. I had the pleasure and honor of Leigh Van Valen being an occasional reader of my musings. He would leave comments as “leigh.” Here’s one which he left in February 2008:

Goldschmidt did a great deal more than hopeless monsters. I was with Dobzhansky when he heard of Goldschmidt’s death. I’ve preserved his comment: “A great geneticist has just died.”

Van Valen was the originator of the Red Queen’s Hypothesis.

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