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September 16, 2013

Razib Khan is not a cultural Muslim

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This post is mostly for Google, and for my own future reference to put up as a link. Razib Khan refers here to the blogger for the Gene Expression website (his Twitter). I am sometimes referred to as an ‘atheist/and or/cultural Muslim’ … Continue reading


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Because of registration spam being a persistent problem on this weblog I have moved comments to a Disqus system. In the future I will allow WordPress comments to be displayed for archives, though they are gone for now….

September 15, 2013

Miss America, Nina Davuluri, does not look like Miss India

Filed under: Beauty,Miss America,Nina Davuluri,race,Racism — Razib Khan @ 11:40 pm
Miss America 2013 is an Indian American woman, Nina Davuluri. This has predictably ushered in lots of sad and sometimes so-sad-it’s-funny (frankly) racism on Twitter. But there’s another interesting angle: a friend pointed out that Nina Davuluri is probably too … Continue reading

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