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July 1, 2017

How much bigger Americans are in two generations

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Average American Size 2015
Height69.2 inches (175.8 cm)63.7 inches (161.8 cm)
Weight195.7 lbs (88.8 kg)168.5 lbs (76.4 kg)
Waist40 inches (101.5 cm)38.1 (96.9 cm)
Average American Size 1960
Height68 inches (173 cm)63 inches (160 cm)
Weight166.3 lbs (75.3 kg)140 lbs (63.5 kg)

The film WALL-E came out in 2008, and at this point it seems already quaint. Remember, when WALL-E was in theaters smartphones were not ubiquitous. Today it is not abnormal for people in social situations to always have one eye on their phone, or for people to text each other in close proximity.

Another aspect of WALL-E is that it depicted future humans as obese unitard wearing consumers. If such a film came out in 2017 I do wonder if it would be accused of being fatphobic and fat-shaming. WALL-E‘s general critique of post-industrial gluttony seems to be spot on.

Some of this is on my mind because I’ve gained 5-10 pounds over the past year due to new jobs and a move. As some of you know I’ve been trying out the ketogenic diet. In just a few weeks I’ve shed enough water weight to make a difference.

I would recommend it to someone trying to kickstart a change in their lifestyle for a simple reason: it does take care of the satiety aspect. If you work long hours it reduces the urge to snack on something. But if you are a social eater it will be difficult for it to be sustainable. I’m going to go off the diet for SMBE.

After joining a gym recently I got a full body analysis of my fitness level. At 5’8 and at 165 pounds I feel rather large for me. My body fat percentage was estimate at around 17%, which sounds right (I fluctuate between 14 and 18 depending on my fitness level). Recently my waist has gone up to 31 inches from 29 or 30. But I was surprised that my percentiles were not that bad.

That’s because the average American man is rather overweight.

Look at the statistics above. You probably know this, but let’s reiterate: the average American woman in 2015 is heavier than the average American man in 1960.

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