I'm Razib Khan.

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I contribute to two blogs, Gene Expression and Brown Pundits.

Otherwise, here is my short biographical sketch:

I do genetics. I write. More broadly, I am a public intellectual without portfolio. I have opinions on a wide range of topics.

I have written for publications that include The New York Times, India Today, National Review Online, Slate, & The Guardian, on a broad range of topics.

To inquire about genomics consulting services or me writing for your publication, please email me or contact me via through LinkedIn or Twitter.

A few of my non-professional activities have been covered at The New York Times, MIT Technology Review and NPR.

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I hold degrees in biology and biochemistry from the University of Oregon and did graduate work at the University of California at Davis’ genetics program. My current list of publications is available on my Google Scholar profile. Regarding my intellectual influences, my Goodreads account is a good starting place.

I am an enthusiast for personal genomics, as well as an evolution and history buff. I am inordinately proud of my preschoolers when they bring up double helixes and black holes.