Short biographical sketch: Razib Khan is a co-founder GenRAIT, a deep tech company that deploys a platform for the life sciences. With over ten years in the genomics space, he has helped developed ancestry algorithms for Gene By Gene, National Geographic and Insitome. Razib was also one of the first employees at Embark Veterinary.

He has also written for publications that include The New York Times, City Journal, National ReviewSlate, Unherd, Quillette and Nautilus.

You can contact him via email or LinkedIn.

A few of his non-professional activities have been covered at The New York TimesMIT Technology Review, and NPR. He also has a Wikipedia page.

To track his current output, please consider following his RSS feed, Pinboard, or Twitter account. Razib’s content is archived at

He holds degrees in biology and biochemistry from the University of Oregon and did graduate work at the University of California at Davis’ genetics program. His current list of publications is available on Google Scholar. Regarding Razib’s intellectual influences, his Goodreads account is an excellent starting place.