Jamila Bey at CPAC

Atheist Group Makes CPAC Debut: Jamila Bey is a mom, a business owner, a Pittsburgh native—and a board member of the group American Atheists. She also, apparently, identifies as conservative. After introducing herself to the crowd, Bey used her three-minute spot to invite audience members to drop by the American Atheist table in the exhibition […] Continue reading

Men are stronger than women (on average)

Every now and then there is a debate on who is more “anti-science”, the Left or the Right. I’m not too interested in the details of that, but, a few years ago I expressed my skepticism to Chris Mooney, author of The Republican War on Science, that liberals were somehow reflexively more “pro-science.” I suggested […] Continue reading

Open Thread, 2/22/2015

I’m going to the BIL event in a few weeks in Los Angeles. Pretty excited, it’s been literally four years since the last time I went, so it will be cool to catch up. As usual I’m going to be seeing Joel Grus, with whom I began my adventures in blogging in the early 2000s. […] Continue reading

The strange tales of ABCC11 (and your body odor)

I’ve talked about rs17822931 in ABCC11 several times. The reasons are manifold. First, on many traits of interest it exhibits variation across populations in a simple Mendelian (recessive expression) manner. Second, there are suggestive variations in distribution. Third, the traits are kind of interesting without being biomedical. In other words, it’s a cool illustration of […] Continue reading

From cattle herders to tax farmers

Reading Strange Parallels, Southeast Asian in a Global Context, I have begun to think about the differences between the eruption of Inner Asian nomads in the early modern period, and in prehistory. The author points out that the arrival of Mughals, and even to a greater extent the Manchu, to the ancient and dense civilizations of South […] Continue reading

Supplements don’t work because they’re fake

A Really Bad Week For The Supplements Industry: What did Schneiderman’s office do? Well, they conducted a scientific study, using DNA sequencing to test the ingredients in six types of herbal supplements, looking at different brands from multiple stores. They tested each sample five times to ensure accuracy. They collected 78 different samples and ran […] Continue reading

From cultural studies to culturomics

The New York Times opinion pages has published an amusingly titled op-ed from Armand Leroi, One Republic of Learning: Digitizing the Humanities. The “one republic” is presumably meant to reflect the dissolution of the “two cultures” segregation, and the rise of a unified scholarly world utilizing the same methodologies and analytical frameworks. E. O. Wilson […] Continue reading

Open Thread, 2/15/2015

On Twitter Ryan Baldini asked for a “top 5″ list of evolutionary biologists. Even though this is a sharply delimited list, beyond the top two I think there is going to be debate. As for those, I think Charles Darwin and R. A. Fisher take those stops. Darwin for developing a theory of evolution that […] Continue reading

The fallibility of science

I’m old enough to remember when people were advised by severe faced nutritionists about the dangers of eggs, all the while being totally unaware of the possible downsides of gorging on high sugar fat free SnackWells cookies. This was the 1980s and early 1990s, when low fat and cholesterol were all the range. Now The […] Continue reading

The Holocene Alien Years

Fst between ancient European populations   Ba_MN Be_LN Ben_LN Cor_LN EHG LBK_EN Mo_HG Sp_EN Sp_MN Sw_NHG Un_EBA WHG Baalberge_MN                         Bell_Beaker_LN 0.020                       BenzigeroH_LN 0.021 0.004                 […] Continue reading

Sinners in the hands of an angry mob

On a Bloggingheads conversation Freddie deBoer where is talking about the Jon Chait’s recent article on political correctness gone wild, he notes that points are given to those who are first to highlight the “problematic” aspect of something. Over time this leads to a constriction and strangulation of all open conversation, as the bounds of […] Continue reading

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